Writing Portfolio

Here you’ll find a selection of my content marketing projects, blog articles, and journalism clips.


Biostrap is a wearable activity and sleep platform designed to help you optimize sleep, recovery, and performance. The following articles cover nutrition, sleep, mental health, and exercise.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials is a Salesforce product designed for small businesses and freelancers. These articles are part of a wellness in the workplace series on stress management, mental health, and exercise.

Full Circle Yoga School

Full Circle is an international yoga school where I received my 200 & 300 hour yoga certifications. As the editorial manager, I oversee webpage copy edits, write blog articles, curate a monthly email newsletter, and manage their social media accounts.

Case Studies

While working for SaaS companies like Brandfolder and Techlicious, I crafted questions and interviewed stakeholders to gain a first-hand perspective on how the product solved client’s challenges.

Personal & Travel Writing

A selection of personal writing on self-reflection, growth, and experiences.