Private Virtual Yoga Lessons

private yoga lessons in dunedin florida

Michelle offers in-person, private yoga lessons for beginner and intermediate students virtually.

Private lessons are an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of yoga in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Who Should Attend Private Virtual Yoga Lessons?

Anyone who as an interest in yoga, but doesn’t know where to begin, is a great candidate for private lessons. Michelle has experience teaching students of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. Everyone can practice yoga!

How Will Private Lessons Help Me?

The benefits of a yoga practice extend far beyond the physical.

What beginner students will learn at private yoga lessons:

  • Proper alignment and form to ensure a safe, effective practice
  • Specific stretches and poses tailored to their body
  • Understanding of how yoga can help chronic pain and injuries
  • Stress and anxiety management techniques that can be practiced at home
  • Practical meditation practices that can be applied in daily life
  • A greater sense of self-worth, self-understanding and confidence
  • A toolkit for toolkit for leading a more mindful, peaceful life

By creating a personalized program tailored to your needs and goals, Shelly will help you develop a personal yoga practice that instills more health and vitality to your everyday life.

How Much are Private Yoga Sessions?

Each private session or package purchase includes a free consultation appointment to learn more about you and your goals. Contact Michelle for a price quote.

When Are Private Sessions?

Private sessions are held on a weekly basis, but different packages and plans can be arranged according to your schedule. Families, friends and other small groups may also sign up to take private lessons together (pricing varies depending on group size).


Lessons are virtually via Zoom.

Ready for a transformation in mind, body and spirit?