IMG_2042My journey as a professional writer began after graduating from Syracuse University in the spring of 2014. Armed with a thirst for adventure and a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Rhetoric, I then moved west to Colorado.

A few months after settling into my new home, I found myself working in the local tech scene as the Content Coordinator at Brandfolder. In this role, I honed my skills in content writing, product promotion, and digital marketing.

I continued to freelance and learn all that I could until April 2016, when the freelance life beckoned to me. Since then, my career has spanned work in content marketing, magazine journalism, book editing, PR strategy, graphic design and more.

In addition to working within the B2B space, having a diverse range of clients has allowed me to explore topics like sustainability, health, travel, music, art and more. I’ve also realized another passion: helping entrepreneurs create and differentiate their company through content marketing and brand storytelling. As I pursue this interest, I continue to take on new projects that challenge me creatively and professionally.

Now that you’re up to speed on me, what can I do for you? Browse the site, read my work, and drop me a note. You and your business deserve unforgettable writing!

-Michelle K. Polizzi